Vale Tudo -- Anything goes

The Gracie family champions this all-out fighting style. Come to Carlson Gracie CT to learn why.

We mean anything!

Vale tudo is a full-contact unarmed combat style with few rules. Drawing techniques from other forms of martial arts, this fighting style is similar to modern day MMA fighting but potentially more lethal.

Is vale tudo a sport?

For decades, vale tudo was regarded as a non-sport and banned for its excessively violent nature.

Now, while retaining its lethal reputation, vale tudo has enjoyed increasing popularity as a style very similar to MMA.

Think you have what it takes to engage in vale tudo? Call 203-821-7521 or visit our gym at 235 Nicoll Street today.

Vale Tudo - New Haven, CT - Carlson Gracie

Anything Goes

in Vale Tudo!
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