Annoying neighbor?

Let the professional fighters at Carlson Gracie teach you how to grapple him into submission.

Unlike other forms of fighting and martial arts, grappling relies on technique and maneuvers that allow you to gain an advantage over your opponent rather than strikes or the use of weapons. 

Grappling benefits, on or off the mat

  • Strengthens major muscles
  • improves balance and agility
  • Burns fat and develops lean muscle mass

Gi vs. No-Gi

There are advantages and drawbacks to wrestling and grappling with or without a Gi. The Gi is the uniform traditionally worn in martial arts. While it helps with technique and discipline, training without one has more real world applications.

Whichever your preference, the martial arts masters at Carlson Gracie can train you in both approaches, utilized in many other fighting styles.

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Gi/No-Gi Grappling - New Haven, CT - Carlson Gracie

Grappling got you down?

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